Welcome to the KPumpe Project Page

14.8.2002 Version 0.4 available
KPumpe has been converted to work with KDE3
and there is also a RPM availble now.
Check it out at the download page.

27.5.2002 beta2 out!
Yes! Beta2 is out and it includes many new features...
Extracted from Changelog:
+ Kick out SEA and BP
+ Make change/edit buttons grey when not in daily view
+ new diary.png & diary-week.png
+ Replace  through the english expression
+ implement delete entry
+ Make new Overview
+ Check printing code
+ Icon / MIME
+ Data format will be changed to ver 3
+ docotor's diagnosis
+ Upto 3 different Insulin types --> support for other diabetes types

7.5.2002 beta 2 Screenshots
You can now find some screenshots of the upcoming beta2
on the "Screenshots" - page

1.5.2002 KPumpe beta 1 was released
+ Many other statistic pages...
+ Translated all Arrays to QLists
+ Made Glucomodul Homepage
+ Fixed edit bug
+ Did massive testing
+ Wrote E-Mail to Lifescan
+ New Splash Screen
+ made Icons
+ Checked for scales and printversions, correct description of statistics, version number
+ Updated Documentation and Translation

I wanted to make a RPM but I didn't get it... However, you can download the tarball as usual on the download page

8.4.2002 KPumpe Alpha 0.2 was realeased on sourceforge.net
Here is some excerpt from what have been done:
+ Implement printing code
+ Write reference plugin
+ Make Homepage
+ Set Unit
+ It should save the port used to access the glucometer
+ Fix bugs:
+ Make Open Recent work
+ Progress dialog hangs when processing to fast...
+ Enter "Basalratenplan"
+ New data Format '2'
+ Save with "Magic"
+ Update Documentation and Translation
+ Daily Statistics

For downloading it, look at the downloads page!

28.3.2002 KPumpe Alpha 0.1 was released on sourceforge.net
Due to no documentation has been published with this release, you can get
the documentation to this project on this website.

When you want to use you Onetouch Ultra with KPumpe, please download
the latest glucomodul release.

Sometimes you have to specify another prefix where KPumpe has to be installed to
to do so first grab the right prefix via "kde-config --prefix" ( that's sometimes "/usr"
or "/opt/kde") and then run ./configure with prefix="THIS PREFIX" (for example:
"./configure --prefix=/usr" or "./configure --prefix=/opt/kde")


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